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Satsang with Everyone II

His brother Lakshman wondered what was going on because they had been walking the whole day and needed to eat. We have been walking the whole day. Do you have anything for us to eat? Giddy with delight Shabari said that she had collected fruits and berries. So Rama and Lakshman sat down. Shabari insisted on feeding Rama with her own hands. Some berries Shabari would eat whole. Others, she would taste and give to Rama. First she eats and then she gives to us. She is eating some of the whole berries herself. But we are only getting the ones that she has already eaten parts of.

What a way to treat the guests? She is making sure that we only get the sweet berries. She is testing each berry. The ones which are bitter, she does not give us but eats them whole. We are only getting the sweetest ones. So eat up brother. Certainly, there is nothing as sweet as a mother wanting to give her child only the best and the most tasty things. Thank you Granny. In the pure joy exploding in her heart, Shabari attained liberation. In this way, Bhagavan taught that purity, sincerity, and devotion makes everything sweet and full of joy and leads to freedom of the soul.

Like this: Like Loading Mira Prabhu is now free from the torment of physical suffering caused by her cancer. Death claimed Mira at a young age when she was on the verge of becoming well known for her writings and spiritual novels. Her ashes were sprinkled over the Holy Mountain. Mira was a beautiful soul with a kind heart and I felt her warmth and love that she naturally had for Bhagavan Ramana devotees. Mira often shared my FB posts on her wall.

She was always generous in her comments and very supportive as we were both Bhagavan devotees. Mira was a prolific and gifted writer. She was also a yogini and mystic. Mira had been living close to the Holy Hill of Arunachala in the south of India where Sri Ramana spent 53 years before she passed away.

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Mira was an amazing woman. She was fiery and fearless and authentic in her expressions. She despised hypocrisy, especially among the so-called spiritual people. She always spoke her truth from the heart without hesitation. She did not suffer fools and charlatans and false prophets silently. When she saw injustice, she spoke up. Mira and I connected on FB in She would frequently share my writings on her blog and her FB page. I also started visiting her blog and following her on facebook.

I realized that she was an extraordinarily perceptive and brilliant spiritual aspirant.

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Mira and I became part of the mutual admiration society for each other! In the summer of , Mira asked me to recommend her book on my blog and also review it on Amazon. I was delighted to do it. Ten days later, after I had read more of her essays, I wrote to Mira an email. It stated in part:. What a wonderful message to receive on a beautiful morning in the shadow of Arunachala!

Its been a rough ride all right, but everything in the past turns into light when I consider the grace of Arunachala and Ramana that drew me to this tiny town to know my Self. Do you plan to make a trip to Arunachala? I would be so happy to meet you in person and might even cook for you, although I know you are a great cook yourself, vegan, am I right? But I can only try! I would also love for you to meet a few close friends too, so, if you get the opportunity to leave what must be a very busy life based on what I know of the West , please seize the day, Carpe Diem!

Meanwhile, the booklets were selling well to readers who hadn't subscribed for batches of In they began printing these works at a rate of 24, a day [1] in a series called Appeal's Pocket Series on cheap pulp paper, stapled and bound with a red stiff paper cover for 25 cents. The price remained at 5-cents a copy for many years. In just nine years the idea caught on all around the globe as the Little Blue Books were finding their ways into the pockets of laborers, scholars, and the average citizen.

The St. Adams of Information, Please! Most were sold by mail order and promoted through sensationalistic advertisements e.

Bhakti Satsang: The Little Blue Book

Books are cheaper than hamburgers! A pioneer in guerrilla marketing , Haldeman-Julius sold his books not only in bookstores but everywhere he could reach the consumer, including drugstores, toy stores, even his own line of vending machines. Many bookstores kept a book rack stocked with many Little Blue Book titles. Their small size and low price made them especially popular with travelers and transient working people.

If a book sold less than 10, copies in one year, Haldeman-Julius would remove it from his line, but usually only after trying a new title, often creating a hit. For instance, "The Tallow Ball" by Guy de Maupassant sold 15, copies one year, but 54, the next year after the title was changed to "A French Prostitute's Sacrifice". Many famous people grew up on Little Blue Books. Louis L'Amour cites them as a major source of his own early reading in his autobiography Education of a Wandering Man.

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Burroughs and Studs Terkel. Who was that on violin with Karnamrita Dasi anyway? By the time Dasi took the stage, it seemed like the bugs had been worked out on the stream AND video had been added. Not only did it sound better, but we had a back-row view of the action.

In every set that we caught, the artist paused to say a few words, share a personal remembrance, or dedicate a song to Shyamdas. Just before Uttal played, Bhakti Fest founder Sridhar Silberfein came onstage to pay tribute to his dear friend in words and a three-minute slide show with an audio track of Shyamdas being interviewed in India just weeks before his death.

He told of the Bhakti Yatra group tour to India in January, for which Shyamdas was a very large part of the itinerary but never made it to the entourage waiting for him.

Du kanske gillar

You may have heard the story before…but Silberfein added some new details. Instead, Shyamdas stayed in Goa to rest and recuperate; the motorcycle accident that ended his life happened a few days later. He was not a swami, not a renunciate. Open your mouth and sing Aaaaaahhhhh. Stretch your face, stick out your tongue, make like a lion, and sing it again.

Keep singing it. Sean Johnson learned it from Russill Paul, a renowned Carnatic and Indian classical vocalist coming to Omega Spring Chant for the first time this year. Now he does it every day, at his altar, as part of his devotional practice. Each note is also associated with a particular chakra, or energy center in the body. A descending series of notes can ground you; an ascending sound can make you feel high. We all bathed in it, taking it in, inhaling the note deeply. It was a mantra practice wrapped inside a vocal tune-up, or a vocal tune-up inside a mantra practice.

Either way, it was potent.

The Little Blue Book

Um, yeah. After an hour of sargam, I was high. But not in a Big Lebowsky way; more like energized, exhilarated, recharged like a battery. Definitely buzzed. Sargam was torture and ecstacy rolled into one. Torture to a tone-challenged nonmusician with a very antagonistic relationship with her voice. I panicked a little on the second morning we did sargam, when I realized this was going to be a daily thing and not something I just had to suffer through once.

A few minutes into it, I was so bombarded by voices in my head that I had to write them down: When will this end?? They all sound so celestial, so beautiful. I should just listen. It sounds so much better when I shut up! Yeah, yeah, get some video. I even kind of miss it…. You can travel all over the world but sometimes the sweetest vibes are right in your own backyard.

With Lake Champlain shimmering beside us. On a cloudless blue-sky day. With the sun setting over the Adirondacks across the lake. Does it get any more blessed than this? It could not have been choreographed more perfectly if it were a movie. I had brought along a dilapitated old globe that had been rescued from certain demise in a landfill, repaired, then left to gather dust on a high shelf in my apartment. Freshly dusted, she was placed in the center of our altar-in-the-round along with the candles and prasad and other offerings.

Some would stop in curiosity, observing our circle from a safe distance; others would jump right in, chanting and clapping along for a song or two, then meandering on their way. Afterward, when the prasad was all gone and the socializing winding down, a small knot of stragglers huddled in a tight circle, and someone lowered the old globe into the center of us.

This was an unexpected treat. First up on Day 2 of Chantlanta, the Kirtan Bandits stole hearts with a mix of Sufi prayers and Sanskrit mantras set to trancey tabla-driven rhythms. The Bandits were new to us, but the Chantlanta crowd sure seemed to know this sextet of multi-instrumentalists from Rome, Ga. Jeffrey Lidke, a go-to tablist for the region who gets the prize for most stage time at Chantlanta, led the troupe, with Jen Corry sharing lead vocals.

Soon-to-be-newlyweds Michael Levine and Bonnie Puckett, aka Sunmoon Pie, have been bringing Hebrew chants into the Chantlanta mix since the the first fest in At one point Levine cheekily pointed out the irony of singing Jewish prayers at a kirtan festival in a Baptist Church. He on guitar and she on the keys, they led us through a stirring sequence of chants based loosely on the prayers recited in a traditional Jewish Shabbath celebration.

Video coming soon. Larry Blewitt laid the drum beat, and Victor Johnson wailed on the electric fiddle. Sunmoon Pie has a 5-track digital EP out , recorded at Chantlanta Personal favorite: Modim Anachnu. The vibe was soft, deep and warm oops — but not in a way that made you want to lie down and go to sleep. You wanted to capture every word, every chord, and wrap yourself up in the rhythms sorry!

It was all holy. Snuggle in.

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More than any other, this was the band we wanted to experience live at Chantlanta. By the time Blue Spirit Wheel came on to close out the afternoon, the crowd was primed. Ian Boccio vocals and bass and Stephanie Kohler vocals and harmonium are kind of the hometown heroes, and have each been instrumental in making Chantlanta happen. The Atlanta kirtan community was out in force — and they were pumped. The forestage was packed, dancers weaved at the edge of the altar, children played limbo under saris….

Chaos in the church be damned, this pair of mantra mavens took us deep, orchestrating a trance-inducing mash-up of overlayered mantras drawn from their debut CD, adi.