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Dead Man's Shoes 2004 Full GQ

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The Best Batman Actors, Ranked. A familiar story can still work if told in an interesting way.

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One such embellishment is the small town setting of Matlock, Derbyshire. Shane Meadows grew up and sets many of his films in the Midlands, and his work has a very strong sense of place as a result. There are two benefits of this. The second is that Meadows brings his own personal perspective to the setting. Meadows, however, injects plenty of comedy. The story has also been compared to revenge Westerns.

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Herbie Stuart Wolfenden , high with his friends, mistakes Richard in his gas mask for an elephant. This is a character who, on some level, the audience needs to fear. In his first real appearance, however, he looks ridiculous. Tone is very carefully calibrated, and can easily be thrown off balance. Again, local knowledge comes into play. We knew what our constraints were, but that was a liberating experience. In production terms, everybody has to work harder because there are fewer people, but sometimes it can make you more inventive.

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Despite the multiple tones and low budget, it is a story of crime and revenge. As cynical as it might sound, it becomes easier to sell a film when you can put a gun on the poster. Crafting characters in three dimensions is difficult and something few screenplays and films achieve.

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They share jokes about dirty magazines, bicker about feeding the fish and take drugs. The result is that the characters feel like real people, rather than just pawns for the writer to move into place. Think about what your characters do in their spare time:. How much of this makes it into the script and film will vary.

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It depends on the plotting, genre and style. Sometimes it leads to great scenes, and other times it leads to indulgent navel-gazing. Later, longer flashback sequences give more context. Still, the dialogue in them fades in and out.

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