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The particular problem, in , was that only the very beginning of the Transit would be visible from Britain or western Europe and that it should ideally be observed from somewhere in the South Seas.

Moon Phase

There had been a similar attempt, be-devilled by war, weather and ill-luck, eight years earlier transits go in pairs, eight years apart, separated by more than a century and this time the scientific establishments of Europe and America were taking no chances. In the aftermath of her pioneering voyage she sank back into the obscurity from which she had come.

Michael Hann. Douglas Murray. Conrad Black. Matt Kilcoyne. Rod Liddle. Ross Clark. Colin Wheeler. KJ Lamb. Kipper Williams. Nick Newman. John de Falbe. Rich and Jay shared that enthusiasm and were confident from their Army Air Corps experience that airplanes would change the skies of post-war America. Still in their early 20s, they opened Wolverine Air Service, a flight school near their hometown of Grand Rapids. The school was just one of the businesses the two enterprising young men opened.

Rich and Jay en route to the Caribbean in aboard Elizabeth, the foot schooner they purchased that was too long in dry dock. The boat sank off the coast of Cuba. Rich and Jay were lifelong friends who had the same sense of values as well as a shared sense of adventure. Rich and Jay in the mids with their team of Nutrilite distributors.

50th Endeavour Trophy this weekend

They were among the most successful Nutrilite distributors and used that experience to found Amway in Rich and Jay graced the cover of Specialty Salesman in as top Nutrilite representatives. Rich and Jay brought a decade of shared business experience into their roles as president and chairman, respectively, of Amway. Rich and Jay Van Andel founded Amway with household cleaning products — products, as Rich used to say, everyone needs and uses.

Rich and Jay in , six years after founding Amway in the basements of their homes. Years later, products were conceived, manufactured and distributed at a mile-long complex not far from their homes. Rich and Jay were lifelong friends and business partners who took Amway from the basements of their homes to more than countries and territories around the world.

Rich was honored with many national awards over the course of his life and career, including being named "Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year" in Today Amway focuses on innovative nutrition and beauty products, too. Rich was a lifelong cheerleader who enjoyed giving speeches as often as he could. His speeches always inspired and motivated people to set goals and believe in their ability to achieve them. Rich and Jay believed in the power of capitalism and free enterprise — so much so that they named their Amway world headquarters building the Center for Free Enterprise.

Rich at the Amway Founders Council in Good afternoon gang. We spent the majority of our day seabass fishing.

Warning: Know before you go!!! - Antarctic Adventures Forum

A good sign of fish around still but never got a school to commit. We caught 1, 30 pound yellowtail. Threw on some nice quality rockfish and lings at the end of the day. Greg is live from the Aztec out of Seaforth Sportfishing. Good day fishing so far with 66 yellowfin tuna and 31 yellowtail on deck, still fishing. Greg is live below to tell you all about it. They have spots left for their trip Sunday night, for sure run all week! Jacob is checking in live for the Pescador out of 22nd Street Sportfishing.

They are up to 8 nice yellowtail, a bunch of bass, and barracuda also in the mix as well as the bottom stuff. Jacob has it all for you below, listen in.


They are booking trips for next year, if you want a charter, get on the books now. Donny is live for the Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing. Lots of tuna offshore and you need to gear up accordingly. Donny is live below to tell you all about it. Jeff is live from the Eldorado out of Long Beach Sportfishing.

On Distant Shores Earth Exiles Book 1

They are on a 1. Jeff has it all for you below, listen in.

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Jeff is live for the Thunderbird out of Davey's Locker. Jumbo yellowtail all around the boat and on the bite as they are up into the double digits on fish to around pounds. Jeff is live below to tell you all about it. Gus is live for the Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing. Good morning of fishing so far as they have close to 20 yellowtail on deck and on the hunt for more. Gus has the full report for you down below, listen in.

Just arrived at the island and already onboard with the yellowtail with fish boiling all around.

Carl Sagan

We have also pulled on some outboard motors as the marlin fleet continues to troll across our lines. Wrap up later today. Greg is live for Outrider Sportfishing out of 22nd Street Landing. A great morning of fishing so far, starting out at the Island pulling on quality yellowtail.

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Then they took off offshore and are finding lots of tuna. The first spot they slid on produced 2 fish and now on the hunt for more. Greg is live with the full scoop, listen in. Call 22nd St. Or visit online to reserve your spot! Our afternoon yesterday Bluefin Tuna, pays to have the right tackle with you on your trip. A good morning of fishing so far with some quality yellowtail, rockfish, and more on the boat. They have a light load for tonight and a couple of spots on a 2-day. Rick is live for the Chief out of Point Loma Sportfishing.

Good fishing going on as they are running on another spot of tuna with it all around today. They have 20 fish on the deck so far, Rick is live below to tell you all about it. Definite Run! Rich is live for the Freelance out of Davey's Locker with a twilight wrap-up report. Pretty good sculpin fishing last night. Rich has it all for you below, listen in. Nice start to the morning with 6 fish on deck and 20 or more lost, its bitting. Rick is live below to tell you all about it. They have 1-day trips lined up for you as well as a 2.

Martin is live from the Long Beach Carnage checking in letting you know they have some live squid for you. They are in front of Avalon and can be reached at or on channel The big one weighed in at pounds gill and gutted probably lbs The fish was caught on a flat fall and pound test.