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Get your mental game ready for that one. With the rain coming down steadily for the entire event, it was sometimes hard to tell if something was a puddle, a hole or both. I didn't hit much traffic after the first mile though there are lots of turns through the entire race that pile up a little bit.

It was neat running from Mile 2 to the 5k line because you get to see the people in from of you making their return. In my case, the leaders were breezing past Mile 3 as I headed in to Mile 2 and it gives you a little push.

Rolling the Dice: Women of Reflection Parkway

This was just a training run and I started taking turns wide and trying to pick up some extra distance while noticing a lot of people not taking the shortest route possible. I definitely recommend shaving turns as much as you can. Hugging the right side curb is not always a good choice. Course Support: It seemed like there were fewer bands on the course than at previous RnR events but it could have just been a lack of noticing. Water stops were well manned but spirits were damped by the 45 degree, rain filled morning. I know there were Port-a-potties on the course, but I didn't see where they were.

There was an enthusiastic GU stop around Mile 8? Finish: The finish is a nice little downhill to flat section that helps you forget about the hills from earlier in the day.

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Nice big medals, sports drinks, water, pretzels, chocolate milk, bananas, chips and PowerBars are a handful when you're trying to hold on your RnR heat sheet on your soaking wet body a the cold, rainy day. Unfortunately due to the weather, Doug and I did not hang out at the Finish festival at all.

Swag: A nice tech t-shirt has come with all of my RnR races and this one falls right in line. I don't know if it's my shape but they never seem to fit me right.

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That's OK with me because I plan on making them all into a quilt anyway but for those who like to sport them, it can be kind of disappointing. The medals are, as always, big, heavy and blingy. Rock n Roll DC is a fun race in a great city if you're prepared for some serious hills and the potential for bad weather. RnR management did a good job of preparing the course and the participants for the logistics of running in the nation's capitol.

With 40 states left to go, I don't think this will be a repeat for me any time soon, but it certainly worth the trip if you're looking for a spring race in the North East. Enter race name, keyword or location. Write a Review. What did you think of the race?

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Share your thoughts! Meredith recommends this race. Overall 5 4 3 2 1. Witty, incisive, uncompromising and very, very smart, her work has appeared in myriad venues, from Rolling Stone She rescued countless homeless cats, taking in a few and accommodating the rest in outdoor shelters I would be surprised if he has enough believers to get re-elected, assuming he would Disturbing to me is Candyman The horror film is screened p.

Groundhog Day The comedy film is screened 2 p. Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian The star chef does a cooking demonstration 3 p. Cage Fury Fighting Championships The action begins 7 p. Margaret Cho The comedian performs 8 p.

Broad St. Market St. Flash Gordon The campy sci-fi film is screened 8 p. Lipstick Monday A weekly drag show featuring a changing roster of queens takes the stage 9 p.

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Bridge St. Blow Me a Kiss! Rufus Wainwright The out singer-songwriter performs 9 p.