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Within the off-limits room, the orphans offer their blood to a chained-up man. As Mido and the children see off a newly-adopted orphan, a group of Amazons attacks the orphanage. The 4C squad finds the pair and attempts to kill them, but they are saved by the former members of the Nozama Peston Service, the original Amazon extermination team Haruka was a part of.

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The Nozama team members reveal themselves to have been sent by Haruka and Mizuki's mother, Reika. Not wanting to endanger the orphanage, Haruka and Mizuki depart with the team. Haruka crosses paths with the couple that had adopted an orphan, and discovers that they have killed and eaten the child - the orphanage is in reality a farm being an establishment secretly funded by 4C to create Amazons that are reared as livestock.

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Haruka attempts to warn the children, but discovers they're aware of their purpose and that the cells they grew were from the figure off-limits room: Haruka's nemesis Jin Takayama. The Nozama team comes across a group of runaways from the orphanage living in an abandoned home.

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The children attempt to eat the Team, but are dissuaded by stories of their former Amazon teammates Haruka and Mamoru. But are forced to kill the runaways when their attempt to take them to safety is ruined by 4C's attack turning the Amazons hostile. Offered to a politician by 4C's chief Yugo Tachibana convinces a politician to gain support for the Amazon Livestock Project, despite having accepted being livestock, Muku regained her will to live and slaughtered the restaurant staff and the politician.

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Haruka arrives and consoles Muku, convincing her to live for herself. The two return to the orphanage and convince the other children to escape. A furious Mido begins killing the children and overpowers Haruka and Muku while Jin tricks an orphan into releasing him, wounding Haruka as he exacts revenge on Mido before proceeding to kill the remaining orphans. A dying Muku has Haruka devour her to heal his injuries so he can stops Jin, criticising the man's Amazon-killing obsession regardless of their morality as their final battle ends with Jin's death.

Guilty over eating Muku, Haruka attempts to drown himself, when a vision of Mizuki convinces him to live on as a protector.