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Tragically, husbands and wives still live out this painful parable today. Lynn and her husband had been married for twelve years when she started to realize that there was something really wrong with her marriage. That Christmas was the start of years of unfaithfulness, separations, and attempts at reconciliation. Lynn vividly remembers sitting with him at a coffee shop where he asked her to forgive him for his infidelity, all the while she knew that his plan after leaving the coffee shop was to go and sleep with another woman.

Lynn prayed for her husband to repent.

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They went through hundreds of hours of counseling sessions together. Instead, he betrayed her again and again. If you have been forsaken by your spouse or your spouse has forsaken God, like Lynn, you know something of the pain Hosea experienced. And you know something of the pain God experiences each time one of his children forsakes his steadfast love for some fleeting pleasure the world can offer. When Satan goes after our family, he also goes after us. He loves to kill two birds with one stone.

When your child or your spouse is caught up in sin or unbelief, it is highly tempting to make that person the center of your faith. Your spiritual walk can become not about your salvation through faith in Christ, but a desperate campaign to save the prodigal you love. Conversely, you may be tempted to harden your heart as did the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal.

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Even as you pray for your prodigal to repent, you may find yourself comparing your own life path and feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Beware self-righteousness. It is just as destructive to the soul as promiscuity, and far more deceptive. When Satan attacks someone you love, he attempts to attack your faith at the same time, either by doubt or by pride. Lynn had a turning point when she started attending a church that emphasized the sovereignty of God.

The very best thing you could do for the prodigal in your life is to grow in your own faith. He or she needs you to be a prayer warrior, and warriors need good nourishment. The pain over the broken relationship with the prodigal in your life will give you a glimpse into the sorrow God feels when we run from him. The lengths to which you would go to restore your prodigal reflects the perseverance of the Good Shepherd who goes out in search of his sheep.

As sinful human beings, our love is too often laced with pride and selfishness. Maybe you are furious at your prodigal for destroying your reputation. If you find yourself responding sinfully to your prodigal, let that sin send you running to your Father. Even as you live the role of the parent or spouse of a prodigal, we must remember that in relation to God, we are all prodigal sons and daughters. He is just as willing to forgive you for imperfectly loving your prodigal as the father was to forgive his son for squandering his inheritance.

The prodigal may have done everything possible to destroy your trust and good will, but you love him anyway. And that is how God loves you. Chasing Contentment Erik Raymond. Not Yet Married Marshall Segal. Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.

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Sign In. The Father even went out to plead with his older son. When did the Father do this? But the Father never gave up trying to entreat Lucifer Satan. You are the greatest victim of your own deceptions. The cross was another time in which the Father went out to entreat his older boy to come home. Revelation There were many animal sacrifices, many different kinds, but one thing that was common was the place the sacrifice was offered. This place was the altar of burnt offering in the courtyard of the sanctuary but not in the holy or most holy place, for the blood of the animal was taken by the priest into the holy place and sprinkled on or before the curtain.

This was symbolic of what Jesus would do for us. And so, dear brothers, we may now walk right into the very Holy of Holies where God is, because of the blood of Jesus. This is the fresh, new, life-giving way which Christ has opened up for us by tearing the curtain—his human body—to let us go into the holy presence of God.

Calvary was outside the city gates of Jerusalem and so were all the non-Jews. But Jesus died for the non-Jew or the Gentile, too, and His death outside the city gates symbolizes this. Some of the animals that were sacrificed were burned up completely on the altar after they were ceremonially and literally washed and cut into pieces, then arranged on the altar so the form of the animal was recognized. Sometimes after the animal was killed and its blood taken into the holy place and sprinkled before the separating veil, the animal was taken outside of the camp and burned the entire animal, but sometimes only parts of it were taken outside the camp and burned.

Exodus and Leviticus give detailed instructions on all of these sacrifices. Sometimes the flesh of the animal was to be given to the priests to eat, Ex. As we see the perfect, sinless, spotless and innocent LAMB OF GOD suffering on the cross, it should break our hearts and open our eyes to the enormity of sin and turn us away from our own sinful ways to the righteous ways of the Father. But the lessons remain to point us to the work of Christ today in the Sanctuary in heaven; Heb.

When we permit Jesus to cleanse our human, earthly vessels bodies and minds we will be ready for temple service. Our lives may be confused and disarranged, but when we give our selves to Jesus He brings order out of chaos and sets us straight. This is what He did when He created the world in the beginning and this is what He does at the re-creation of every soul who willingly dies to self.

The heifer was not killed at the altar in the outer court of the sanctuary, like other animals. The whole ceremony was done outside the camp. This is a striking symbolism of what was done to Jesus.

But there are other differences we should note. The blood was not taken into the holy place of the sanctuary and sprinkled before the curtain, as in the other sacrifices. In the case of the red heifer, the entire animal was burned and cedar wood and hyssop and scarlet were cast into the fire as a symbol of complete cleansing. And then the ashes of the red heifer were gathered and laid up outside the camp.

This had to be done by a man who was ceremonially clean and then he had to wash again afterward. We may draw many significant lessons from this offering of the red heifer. Everything God commanded Israel to do had meaning. I would encourage you to study, pray and search for more meanings for yourself, but let me just share with you the ones that I have learned so far.

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These have come through prayer and meditation mainly, for I have read all I could find on this outside the Bible and have found very little. The sacrifice and therefore, the forgiveness is total, complete and perfect. Worms that destroy fruit work from the inside out. Just so, sin destroys a man from the inside out. We also know that the king mentioned here can be applied to David and the Lord would be Jehovah.

But, it also has a more eternal application to the real king of the universe, God the Father. But, let us go down to verse 8. Here Christ is outside the city pleading with all the older sons. He holds out His hand. Their fruit the works of men with their evil fruit or result shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men. For they intended evil against thee Rev. They Imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform. Jesus said the tares would be burned in the end of the world, Matt.

Is this awful torment in a literal fire? How is that accomplished? Because the wickedness of the wicked will be destroyed in the cleansing of the Lake of Fire. The Bible does not teach an ever burning hell fire which is a slander against the loving character of our Heavenly Father. The words forever and everlasting mean as long as a thing exists.

Paul said the same thing in I Thess. A loving God also permits the sleep of death to hide all His beloved of the ages from the terrible sorrows that have come upon this earth during the last 6, years.


But, in that final second resurrection of the damned or lost they have damned themselves by refusing Jesus the wicked will see the reward of all the righteous saved inside of the city. See Rev. Let us look at some Scripture which will give more details of this coming event.

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But upon mount Zion inside the holy city New Jerusalem shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness: and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord hath spoken it. The Jacobs and the Josephs will be on the inside and represent the saved. The Esaus represent the lost who will be on the outside.

And the Mother God of Israel is also kept hidden throughout the Scriptures. But she will be revealed in this final age. But in the parable of the Prodigal son the emphasis is upon the Father. Esau is the older son who marches against his brother with an armed band of to impress upon Jacob that he is superior in rank and power.

After all they were twin brothers. His former hatred melts away and he forgets his grudge. His revengeful plot and vow to kill Jacob for stealing the birth right is not carried out. Paul tells us in Phil. Never in the history of the world have all the different races met. Now, they are together.

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  5. The lost are on the outside of the city and the saved of all ages are on the inside. The whole human race from Adam to the last person who was born on this earth will meet for the first time. The last part of verse 5 is really describing the blessedness of the first resurrection. Throughout history we have seen a pattern. Cain, the older brother hated and even killed his younger brother, Abel. Esau and Jacob had a conflict over the birthright.

    Just as Cain wanted to go his own way and do his own thing, so Esau was a vain and rebellious person. He wanted the birthright without being spiritual. Cain was religious and went through the rituals, his own man-made rituals, but he did not desire to be spiritual. So, we see that the first-born or older son was often religious, but not spiritual, and quite often ridiculed and even persecuted the younger son.

    The first generation of Israel, which came out of Egypt, were religious. They wanted the reward without obedience. They were religious, but not spiritual. The second generation was spiritual and obedient and inherited the promised land. Saul was religious, but like Cain, he was religious on his own terms. He was a type of Lucifer who became Satan. David was a type of Christ who became a servant, and sin for us so we might be brought back to the kingdom.

    Finally, we have another parable Jesus told which is parallel to the prodigal son in one significant aspect. The father in the story asks both boys, very kindly, to go work in his vineyard. The first one refuses to go, but repents later and goes into the field. The second son promised to go, but never went.