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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Witchy Woman by Karen Leabo. Witchy Woman by Karen Leabo. He taught her everything he knew of pleasure, but at what price? She looked more like a lost waif than a sorceress, Nate Wagner decided as he studied Tess DeWitt, but the intrigued journalist was certain of one thing: this delicate blonde had once been a child witch!

When a cursed statue thrust them both into danger, Tess struggled to trust this stranger whose touch penetra He taught her everything he knew of pleasure, but at what price? When a cursed statue thrust them both into danger, Tess struggled to trust this stranger whose touch penetrated her defenses, whose fierce need echoed her own. Shadowed by demons, could they find the courage together to face what each most feared? Casting a spell made of equal parts reckless attraction and tender emotion, Karen Leabo delves into life's most compelling mysteries--and explores the mystical connections our souls offer to those we truly love.

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Slightly Shady by Jan Hudson. Tender, Loving Cure by Gayle Kasper. Moonlight on Monterey Bay by Sally Goldenbaum. Midnight Lady by Linda Wisdom. Looks Like Love by Susan Connell. Gabriel's Outlaw by Sandra Chastain. More Than a Mistress by Leanne Banks. My Special Angel by Marcia Evanick. Black Satin by Donna Kauffman. Body and Soul by Linda Warren. Kiss and Make Up by Judy Gill. Lord of the Island by Kimberly Wagner. Dangerous Love by Victoria Leigh. Winter Heart by Laura Taylor. Shotgun Wedding by Olivia Rupprecht.

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Thick as Thieves by Janis Reams Hudson. Into the Storm by Riley Morse. Impetuous by Patricia Potter. Twice the Trouble by Judy Gill. Dream Lover by Adrienne Staff. Here Comes the Bride by Gayle Kasper. Wild in the Night by Patt Bucheister. Pagan's Paradise by Susan Connell. Up Close and Personal by Diane Pershing. Dynasty Jones by Helen Mittermeyer. Rogue Fever by Jan Hudson. Gotta Have It by Faye Hughes. Hot as Sin by Debra Dixon. Midnight Fantasy by Sandra Chastain.

Hot and Bothered by Linda Cajio. On the Wild Side by Linda Warren. The Bride by Fayrene Preston. Body Heat by Ruth Owen. Ready-Made Family by Charlotte Hughes. Lonesome Tonight by Laura Taylor. About ACX. What is ACX? How It Works.

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I am an Promote Yourself. Social Media. More Tips. Production Resources. Producers For Hire. Audiobook Samples. Awards and Recognition. Nonfiction - Health - Emotions and the Brain. Educational nonfiction with each chapter ending with calming exercises. Annie Graceland Cozy Mystery Comedy with talking pets. Voices of Annie, Mozart the dog, Theodore the cat, Anthony the landlord, Mary the spirit cat, and Derrick the ghost of a former self-help author. Performance Notes Young to elderly voice range. Taryn stops in at the diner to question young Tammy.

Then she heads to the Historical Society where she questions Phyllis and Geneva. Performance Notes Far too many people in contemporary culture feel they don't have enough time to "get it all done. Based on her highly acclaimed Energy Management workshops, and drawn from over 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, professional trainer, psychotherapist, and speaker Jackie Woodside shares her breakthrough methods on managing energy, using step-by-step skills and thought processes that lead to increased productivity and peace of mind.

Jackie's approach stems from the new frontier of human performance called energetic consciousness. Performance Notes Victorian Horror. Anine starts to lose her grip and imagines the house is moving. Clara tries to get her to come out of the parlor.