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So even though He needed rest, He put the needs of the crowd before His own, and He taught them. The Bible says the people in the crowd were like sheep without a shepherd, which means they were lost and confused about life. By teaching them, Jesus was a kind and loving Shepherd who took care of them.

Jesus feeds five thousand people

And I give My life for the sheep. If we are ever lost and confused—like the crowd was that day—our Good Shepherd will gently lead us where we need to go and teach us what we need to know. Say: By that time it was late in the day. Since Philip was from this area, this question could have been a simple question of where the shops were located John But Jesus really asked Philip this question to test him. All throughout the Bible, we see that God asks questions to test men Genesis , , Job As it was getting dark outside, some of the disciples asked Jesus to send everyone away so the people could go to the villages to buy something to eat.

But Jesus said they did not need to go away. Jesus was showing Philip and the other disciples that there was no way they could solve the problem on their own.

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There was no store close enough to buy this much food. And even if there was, it would have taken way more money than the disciples had! Jesus wanted the disciples to trust Him - to know that He alone was able to meet their need. Application: God wants you to trust that He will take care of you!

God may allow a situation in your life that you cannot solve. This is the perfect opportunity to rely on Him.

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Teacher, feel free to insert a personal story of when God allowed this kind of situation in your life. Trust that the Lord is able and willing to meet all of your needs. Say: Children were not seen as very important in that culture. God was going to use someone that everyone else overlooked to perform a miracle.

God uses all kinds of people in His work. He often uses those who are weakest or least important in the eyes of other people. Say: This young boy was willing to give what little he had to Jesus. Jesus told the disciples to bring the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to Him. Jesus then told the disciples to have the people sit down.

Jesus gave thanks for the food. Application: We should always thank God for our food. Food is a gift from God. Teaching Idea for Younger Children:. Say: What happened next was an amazing miracle. Jesus broke the bread. Hold up your bread and tear it. He gave it to His disciples to give it to the all the people. Can you imagine trying to feed that many people? The disciples went back to Jesus time and time again to get fish and bread to feed the huge crowd.

Ask: At what point do you think the disciples realized that Jesus was performing a miracle? God is so generous! He is never stingy with His gifts. The Bible says:.


And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. Say: Everyone received as much food as they wanted, they all had pleanty to eat, and twelve baskets full of food were left over John Jesus told His disciples to gather what was left. Jesus told the disciples not to let anything be wasted. Say: Each of the 12 disciples, who must have agonized over the shortage of food and the size of the crowd they were commanded to feed, walked away with a basket full of extra food. However many religions are based on higher causes, not higher beings.

Most worship a dead prophet or gods of misfortune. However, Christianity believes in a living god whom has walked this earth.


However, many people do not realize how human Jesus actually was. Most see him as just a heavenly manifestation in a human shell. However if Jesus was to truly understand the joys and pains of life he must be fully human Free Essays words 4 pages. Obedience is a form of social influence that involves performing an action under the orders of an authority figure.

Through obedience, Jesus accepted the will of His Father. By taking a human form and being born like us in order to save us from sin. His teachings based on the daily living examples as people could see and follow what he was doing, saying, writing, and preaching It is an adage I try to adhere to as I prepare what I am going to say every week, and one that I hope comes through in my words.

But this week I have felt the newspaper in my hand become a great deal heavier than it often is. In a week that has seen so many shootings and cases of gun violence in our nation, reports that global temperatures continue to rise with the warmest July ever recorded, so many people wounded and killed in terrorist attacks in Paris and Bangkok, and the reminder that after 4 and a half horror filled years the civil war in Syria i Strong Essays words 4.

The miraculous feeding is an important miracle story for the people of Jerusalem and especially for the disciples to witness I would say every person has their own unique traditions but, also share multiple traditions with others. A tradition is defined as an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior Merriam-Webster; Usually when one thinks of a tradition their ideas revolve around a holiday.

My initial ideas were Christmas, Easter, or even Thanksgiving. I recognized a trait each of these had in common, saying grace. Saying Grace is a highly respected tradition in my family What are these remarkable miracles he is performing. Strong Essays words 6 pages. Sara Miles, in her book Take This Bread, has shed a new light on what it means to take communion as she writes about her transformation into being a Christian by receiving bread and wine.

The Feeding of the 5,000

Hunger is the main theme of the book, whether it be spiritually or physically, all humans are linked by that common need. This transformation goes beyond her and pours into the souls and bodies of the San Francisco community, by sharing not only food but the body of Christ