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Beija o solo teu jucundo O oceano a rujir d'amor E o teu brac,o vencedor Deu mundos novos ao Mundo! English: English: Heroes of the sea, noble race, Valiant and immortal nation, Now is the hour to raise up on high once more Portugal's splendour. From out of the mists of memory, Oh Homeland, we hear the voices Of your great forefathers That shall lead you on to victory!

There is a superstition ritual to avoid them since childhood: to cross the newborn child under the legs of the father three times.

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To cure quebranto or the evil eye, people use prayers, blessings and superstition rituals. For those who believe they were victims of quebranto and evil eye, there are some prayers to repel their evil effects:.

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Jesus fazer o sinal da Cruz! O nome de Jesus me ajude repetir o sinal da Cruz! Cristo vive, Cristo reina, Cristo te ilumine, Cristo te defenda de todo o mau ar. Santa Tereza, eu tiro-lhe pelo lado. Senhora Santa Ana, eu tiro-lhe pela frente. E Nosso Senhor, por todo o mundo. Rezar um Pai-Nosso e uma Ave-Maria.

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REZAS, ? Jesus make the sign of the cross! May the name of Jesus help me repeat the sign of the cross! Wherever I put my hands, may God put his saint virtue! Christ lives, Christ reigns; may Christ enlighten you, may Christ defend you from all bad winds. Saint Teresa, I remove it through the sides. Lady Saint Anne, I remove it through the front.

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Saint Vincent, I remove it through the back. Saint Blaise, I remove it through the bottom. And Our Lord, for everybody else. Pray three times: They cast it with two I remove it with three. Jesus quando andou no mundo pra tudo ele rezou. When Jesus walked the Earth, he prayed for everything. He prayed for evil eyes, that are leaving this child, swept with an olive tree branch.

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Recife, April 30, Nacional, Brasiliana, Accessed: 17 abr. Medicina popular do Centro-Oeste. Quebranto e mau-olhado.

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