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Neither of them are unfamiliar to pain, of losing a loved one, of having to move on without the other. This was a slow moving, slow burn kind of book, once I moved over the half way mark it got it's hooks into me fully, I couldn't put it down, I needed, wanted, the next book. Aug 18, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. Holy freaking wow. I mean how do you even move on after that?! So good. So intense. So explosively emotional. So utterly unique.

So incredibly breathtaking. Just so everything. I want more. I'm desperate for the The Truth About Us. I actually feel giddy with it!! Like I'm hyper over what I just read and what's to come. It's so juicy, so twisty, so ahhhhhhhh. The Truth about Lies is alive with brutal and sweet moments that leave you slack jawed, your heart slamming as you try to catch your breath. It's a one sitting read.

It Ended with the Truth (Truth and Lies Duet, #2) by Lisa Suzanne

A heart stopper that steals your soul and makes it it's own. You'll wholeheartedly fall in love with them. Penn and Cora have been through the worst things you can think of, they're suffering, and when they come together it's spectacularly beautiful. The plot is a spiderweb of elaborate goodness. It never lets you get comfortable. Hands down, brilliant. And did I mention unique? Because yeah, this storyline is a breath of fresh romantic air.

Overall, I'm blown away. It doesn't get better than this. I can't wait for more. View 2 comments. Aug 25, Nazanin rated it really liked it Shelves: , contemporary , romance. He felt hopeless, he felt useless and he was broken. That day his heart died with her. I was alone and trapped inside my own head again. It was a terrible place.

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One filled with blood and despair, built on a foundation of helplessness and failure. Until he saw Cora! She looked at me like I was a hero. Like 4. Like I was some sort of savior sent from above. Like I could possibly drag her from the pits of hell. Cora fell in love at sixteen, got married at sixteen and was widowed at sixteen. She had been in the sex industry for fourteen years.

Enjoyed it so much! Loved both main characters! Told in dual POV, 1st person. Overall, liked it and hope you enjoy it as well! View all 51 comments. They were skillfully silent. Wild, yet perfectly controlled from far too many years of practice. The sudden emotional release was agony when all I truly needed was a single second of relief. Every tear was earthshattering, all-consuming, and torn from my soul. And still, after all this time, they changed absolutely nothing. But then again, nothing ever would. Aly Martinez is delivering another thrilling action-packed romance with crazy twists and turns that will leave you speechless by the time you get to the shocking cliffhanger.

The setting of this story is dark and gritty. There is no slow build with the plot. When Penn and Cora meet, there is an instant attraction between them, but Penn tries hard to fight his feelings for Cora. He quickly learns that it's a losing battle. Somehow, in the most dismal of circumstances, they are able to create their own little paradise. But in this story, nothing is as it seems and the whole time I felt a bit of anxiety because I was waiting for everything to come crashing down on the couple.

2. Suspicious expressions

Everyone has a secret, and little truths are intermingled with huge lies. Here are my overall ratings Hero: 4. I have no words I'm speechless, such a beautiful,emotional,heartwarming and intense story. I literary read it in one sitting, I couldn't put it down. It was captivating and the writing flawless. I loved Cora and Penn, they have a heavy romance.

I adored them and I have a smile in my face with these two. They make me aching,swooning,melting and in some parts I was emotional. Their story gave me hope. I fall in love with them and now they have become one of my most favorite couples! This is an unforgettable story, this is the story that will make you cry and smile all at once.

It is full of emotions and it's raw and the romance is heavy with all the things you want! View 1 comment. Aug 18, Wil Loves Books! Right here. You and me. This moment. This feeling. This is the truth. And she never disappoints, she delivers every freaking time! A man with a past and a secret agenda. A remarkable woman trapped in a bad situation. A lot of suspense and guessing but in the middle of all that an incredible love story. I loved the originality of the story.

When I thought I had it all figured out, I was shocked to find out I was completely wrong. And I loved all these characters a lot. Absolutely recommend!!! Holy shiiit!! Now I know why Aly Martinez is the queen of duets! Shocked is an understatement and right now, I few like making a deal with the devil himself just to get a sneak peek into the next book. How can anyone find the ability to concentrate and try to move on after reading a ending like this?! From the moment you read the prologue, your heart starts to beat furiously and you think t Holy shiiit!!

Little did I know, this was a well thought out intricate web of truth and lies plan that brought two broken people together. Another day she gets to wake up is a win for her because that means that there is someone who can take care of business and protect the ones she cares about. Penn Walker has been though his fair share of trauma and heartache.

Time has not been his friend for the past four years and neither has the haunting memories that has kept up at night. Looking for a distraction and fresh start, Penn and his brother become a fixture for a woman and her business that desperately needs the help. But unbeknownst to some, there are truth and lies everywhere with this union and new found friendship. With so much at stake, will Penn and Cora survive the web of lies? I really enjoyed this one and I loved the fact that it was different from the usual writing from Aly Martinez.

We had two characters who had been through so much and still managed to have a piece of themselves. They were strong, fierce, protective, and once you became someone they cared about, they moved heaven and earth to make sure you were safe. View all 12 comments. Aug 17, Stacey is Sassy rated it really liked it Shelves: angry-fix , favourites , intrigue , wee-bit-dark , arc , cranky-hero , slow-burn , duet , different , douchewaffles-galore.

I went into The Truth About Lies not necessarily blind but without following my usual pre-read checklist. Aly's stories are emotional, gritty and completely suck you in. The Truth About Lies took me days to read.

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The first half took me three days to get through, the second half, a couple of hours. I was determined to not wuss out again. These two and their lies, cover-ups and secrets, made my eye twitch and my teeth grind. I just read the blurb. Holy Heck!! How on earth did I sign up for this ARC? Her story will break your heart but it will also inspire you to be a better, stronger and more thoughtful person. Cora has been broken so many times and yet still makes it a priority to look after and protect those who are under her care.

Well, you hope you would be strong enough to, anyway. I mean geez, it took me days to get this far, this gives me a chance to put my heart back in my chest and prepare for the coming onslaught. Both Cora and Penn will break your hearts with what they have already faced. After getting to know them better, I am convinced that these two deserve a HEA. If I get it I mean, they get it , I will be that crazy woman at the finish line bawling and jumping up and down with joy. Pretty please with sugar on the top… Stacey is Sassy, received a complimentary copy of this story. The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

View all 9 comments. Aug 24, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. Oct 21, Bev rated it it was amazing Shelves: abuse , angst , best-book-boyfriend , perfect-hero , bloody-loved-it , fight-that-fall-baby , kindle-unlimited , favourites , unputdownable , not-a-standalone-ffs. Loved it! I went in blind which is unusual for me, I need to know the far end of a wotsit before I start a book because Fabulous characters - Cora is one of the best heroines I've ever had the pleasure to read about, and Penn ain't too bad either.

Brilliant twisty, turny plot that had me scratching my head at times. Yup, loved it! Moving straight on to the conclusion. View all 6 comments. Sep 01, Priya rated it it was amazing. This is not fair. What I would give to get my hands on the second book. I am really glad that I read Nazanin's review and picked this book.

This author is new to me and this was the first book by her that I read and it's safe to say that this author just blew me away. A Dark Romantic and Suspense read. I loved the plot a definitely new plot for me , I loved the pace of the story. Most of all I really really liked Cora, she has the guts to stand up and was so intelligent and knew her moves all t This is not fair. Most of all I really really liked Cora, she has the guts to stand up and was so intelligent and knew her moves all too well.

I am in awe of her. Penn was truly heart wrenchingly good and was fighting his own demons. What I really loved that the being the book on dark side and suspenseful, the banter between Cora and Penn so beautiful and light. One more reason I am in awe of Cora's character. A really great book. I just can't wait for the next book to come.

Because she smiled. It was the kind of smile that could have shredded the darkest soul. And I knew—because it was the exact moment I felt the first slice through mine. This book was way grittier than I expected. The opening was OMG - emotionally wrecking and pretty much makes you wonder for the rest of the novel what it meant. She writes brilliantly and when she grabs you, your are hooked no matter what.

I really liked the topic, it was different, outside the box, and really edgy. It made for an emotional read. Complex, layered, and immersed with so many secrets I didn't know what was what - and I loved it!!! Unfortunately ev This book was way grittier than I expected. Unfortunately even though I enjoyed the book, I wasn't as invested with the characters or their story as I was with some of her other books. Cora was way more trustworthy than the situations warranted. And I don't want to start on Penn. I can't go into details because that would spoil the plot but boy - he did a few things that I didn't like and it tarnished my view of him.

Okaaay ladies, first of all please do not forget this name. Ahh what can I say? Penn is one of my book boyfriends now and I wanna know everything ab He fucked me. Penn is one of my book boyfriends now and I wanna know everything about him. Who is he? Where does he comes from? What is he really wants from Elle?

Thanks a lot my Queen for not waiting us too long! I have been since I saw you. I want you to fuck me. Things you want to do. Things I want to do. View all 64 comments. Without fail, this woman's writing managed to blow me away once again. Lies wrapped in truth. Truths wrapped in thinly veiled threats. A mysterious draw wrapped in animal magnetism. This book completely owned me. It hypnotized. It enraptured. It was pure literary magic, weaving a story so spellbinding, it was impossible to put down.

The Truth About Lying

I don't know if I'd been the one to seduce him, but he'd utterly decimated me. It could be said that Noelle Charlston lives a charmed life. Growing up in luxury and set to inherit a retail empire, she wants for almost nothing The youngest CEO in the history of the company, she may be rich, but she's not a stranger to hard work. She barely leaves her office and her work is all she knows and all she does. Yearning for just a few hours of normal, she makes a decision that irrevocably changes the course of her life. Now three years have passed since that fateful night that she'll never forget.

She's a little older, a lot wiser, and even more disillusioned. Given up on love and finding a man that will want her for more than her money and empire, she's lost herself in her work He hypnotized me. He corrupted me. This man is pure animal magnetism wrapped in alluring confidence.

He's not used to hearing no and he won't take it for an answer. The sparks fly between them; a mix of antagonism and undeniable chemistry. A hate lust so strong, it practically burns through the pages. He wants to own her. She's her own woman. He's determined to break her. She knows no man ever will.

He's determined to mark her. She refuses to let him close enough. What takes place is a back and forth that's so delicious, it was enrage you as much as it will captivate you.

The story is flawlessly written in Pepper's signature fluid and lyrical style. It kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end, completely incapable of putting it down. I read this in one sitting while trying to savor every word because I didn't want it to end. This is book one in a duet, and I'm already vibrating to get my hands on the conclusion. If you're a fan of this author, this book is not to be missed. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on View all 17 comments. My review is going to be as spoiler free as I can possibly make it. She knows her existence in life is to be nothing more than noelle Chariston, the heiress of Belle Elle.

Then it jumps to where we get a glimpse into Elle's true life s My review is going to be as spoiler free as I can possibly make it. Then it jumps to where we get a glimpse into Elle's true life struggles as she's hampered by the burden of running the empire she's been handed on her nineteenth birthday. Never been kissed, still a virgin, never been loved. Imagine being nineteen, doted on by a loving father, the world at her feet but is it really? Almost living life a prisoner in her own castle, the walls bearing down on her, imagine living in New York but never actually experiencing all that New York has to offer, to the street vendors, to the hustle and bustle of pedestrians going about their lives, to the smells, the tastes.

To a man in a hoody saving her from grace. A man of the night. Three years later meeting a man named Penn Everett, a man shrouded in so many mysteries, so many lies, deceit, a man she doesn't even like, but he brings those butterflies back to life that she's thought were dormant for life. You've been mine since the moment we met, and you'll stay mine until I let you go. I'll strip you, taste you, devour you. I'll eat, lick, and bite you.

And only once you're begging will I f ck you. You know those books that leave you in the biggest book funk and you curse the author because you have a huge line up of arcs to review yeah well this is one of those books!! A book that leaves you hanging by a thread awaiting the next within the series, watching the author as she's on social media and you're silently screaming in your head for her to get back in her writer's cave to bring you the next within the series, yep been there done that with this book!!

This is how it goes, so many questions, so many questions left unanswered, so many truths revealed, so many lies uncovered, a book funk of epic proportions then I reached the end and I'm left dangling over a freaking cliffy!! You have got to be kidding me!! View all 33 comments. Feb 04, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it Shelves: i-like-it-dark-and-twisted. View all 16 comments. He stole my heart with his lies. He'll destroy it with his truth. View all 5 comments. Jan 26, Karen Mc rated it it was amazing Shelves: dark , enemies-to-lovers , second-chance , 5-top-reads , friends-to-lovers.

Take a risk. A world where you take flight to a new destination. Crown of Lies is a thrilling, twisty, and turbulent tale of love laced with lies and hate that will steal your soul and render you breathless. I dove into Crown of Lies , barely surfacing for a break, so drunk on this book while reading. I shut out the world while the light wrapped in dark world in Crown of Lies became my world.

This story swiftly was my air…my ache…my anguish…my addiction…my ALL. A life for a life. In one night, she was saved. In one night, she was free. In one night, her life almost ended. In one night, her life truly began. I feel you. Words of power…passion…and possession invaded every part of me. Crown of Lies gripped me hard, gutting me. A man of mystery who in one night became her world. Until another man claimed her, a man she loathed but for whom she lusted: Penn Everest.

You think you can make me fall in love with you? Get on my knees for you? Do whatever you tell me to, oh master? The flat-out disgusting nerve of you! That heat hit me hard. Oh did I feel the passion penetrate from the pages through me. The moment you said yes, all your choices became void. This is my game now. So closed…cocky…crude…crass. I loathed him…I liked him.

Hero and villain. Saint and sinner. Penn was a man of many layers. This man was a mystery I wanted to solve. I wanted more from him…needed more. I could not get enough of their cat-and-mouse games combined with combustible chemistry that smoldered and seduced me. I wanted these truths too. I needed to unwrap Mr. Mystery and steal his secrets.

Penn was the anti-Christ. One saving, one damning. I knew which one I preferred. One reminds Elle of the other…both sinners and saviors. The fusion of hot and cold perfectly blend into magic that melts like molten lava. You cannot help but feel their chemistry-clad connection, two powerful people powerless around each other. These characters captivated me, and I wanted to shake the secrets out of Penn and force him to fess up to Elle as she deserves the truth.

She has given this mystery man so much of her and needs more. Because he had done something to me. I burned for this book. I burned for these compassionate and complex characters with off-the-charts chemistry who were perfect together. I burned for more. Crown of Lies stole my breath in a book that bled beauty and angst, this book baring its soul to me and stealing my soul. The spellbinding, suspenseful, and spine-tingling Crown of Lies shook my soul, grabbed my gut, and hit my heart so hard that my emotions bled long after the story was over.

Crown of Lies is deliciously dark, passionately poignant, and mysteriously magical. This story seduced my soul, so intense and intoxicating that I was indebted to every word…every page…every emotion that escaped, entangling around every part of me. This story stole my soul like a thief in the night, and all I could do was submit to its power…. My heart is still pounding out of my chest. Pepper Winters outdid herself again! Just WOW!!! It may only be January, but I already know that Crown of Lies is a top January reads and a best book of ! I want to wear this crown forever as I bask in the glow of a forever hangover!

Jan 25, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: love-this-author , arc , rich-hottie , beautiful-cover , buddy-read , cliffy , high-steam-alert. This suspenseful contemporary romance offers a tale of intrigue that will hold you captive until the very last moment, and when that last moment arrives, you will only be desperate for more.

Someone free. With a loving father, a sweet cat, beauty and charm, it seems that she has a perfect life. However, Elle is lonely. When she ventures out alone on the streets of NYC, she finds herself in a terrifying situation. Before terror ensues, an unlikely hero steps up and becomes her savior. Suddenly, her life is changed forever. He'd saved me. And I haven't saved him. The boy that had changed her life in one moment is gone, and although her dad is desperate to pair her off with a successful businessman to rule the world by her side, Elle wants no part of it. She is perfectly happy to be alone and manage the Belle Empire alone.

When Penn Everett enters the scene and makes a play for Elle, his offer becomes too appealing for her to refuse. When pieces from her past and fears for her future intertwine, Elle's life is once again put in danger. Can she find the strength to survive? With a blend of passion, tenderness, and action, the journey for Noelle Charlston has many twists and turns.

The pacing is intense as each piece of the plot comes together. Although I would love to offer more commentary on the heart of the story, I don't want to spoil this delicious treat for anyone! Overall, Crown of Lies is an intriguing tale with dark undertones, passion, action, and complex characters. This twisted story is only the beginning of what promises to be an extraordinary series. I am a huge fan of Ms. Winters work, and I am certainly looking forward to finding out how this cryptic saga ends. View all 28 comments. Jan 26, warhawke rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Dark suspense lovers.

Shelves: erotic , arc-netgalley-request , fuck-buddy-read , dark-gritty-disturbed , mystery-suspense. Groomed to take over the empire since she was a young kid, she had no life behind her gilded cage. One rebellious night, she decided to see the world for herself only to end up in a predicament that that still haunted her years later. Penn Everett came out of nowhere to weasel himself into Elle's life. His allure was irresistible but his life was a blank page that she's willing to overlook until a secret came out that might be too much for her to handle.

I wasn't really sure what this book is about before reading, but I'm glad I took a chance and ended up enjoying it. He looked arctic and unreadable. He smelled expensive and impenetrable. He sounded powerful and untouchable. My worst nightmare wrapped in perfection. Penn was a sexy hero. He was aloof, yet intense. I like how he handled situations to favor his way. For someone powerful and influential, Elle was a major contradiction. Inside, she was unsecured and naive. She could be a pushover but I'm glad she showed her spine when needed. It kept me flipping the page, wanting to know more.

However, I think there were too many unanswered questions for it to have a ground to keep me satisfied. It felt dragged out when there wasn't enough answers. Penn and Elle had a great pull which in turn produced explosive sex scenes. I like how intense their encounters were. It would appeal to readers looking for a sexy, suspenseful story. View all 37 comments. Mar 04, Alex is The Romance Fox rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic-romance , romance , adventure-mystery-crime-thriller , rock-stars-celebrities-fashion , authors-p-z , series. Some minor spoilers ahead I have seen a few books by this author, Pepper Winters reviewed by some of my GR friends and after reading such glowing ones about this book, Crown of Lies which is the 1st in her Truth And Lies Duet, I so wanted to read it Was I blown away?

More than!! It was one of the things that drew me in. Beautifully photographed, moody with a sense of mystery. You just never see what's coming next The more pages you turn, the more questions you are left with!!! Elle Noelle Charlston I liked her character. Wise and innocent How one night changed her life forever Penn Everett Okay, so I kind of guessed who he actually was!!!!

Hell, this guy has a lot of issues!! I loved how the author managed to write a character like him - angst-ridden, secretive, uber controlling, devious I somehow didn't. There was some kind of inner goodness, for a better word, in him that kept shining out of him. Penn's whole attitude and behaviour should have sent Elle running Just that there was that "combustible chemistry between the two There are a lot of them that are slowly developed but they never seem to take over each other How cool are the characters names!!!!!

Penn Everett!!! Arnie Twigg!!! And OMG SAGE Elle's cat Elle taking a walk through her store with Sage Great flow of words. Yes, definitely. Oh most certainly. Apr 14, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: dark , paloma , romance , buddy-reads , new-adult , erotic-scenes , read-in , contemporary. Happy Easter to all my friends and followers! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you, and I hope you all have an amazing day filled with love, laughter, and good books!

I'll see myself out It's been a while since I've read a New Adult book, and I truly forgot how addicting and fast paced they are. And I don't think we should feel guilt for reading anything, but if I have a "guilty pleasure" book, it is without question the entire Debt Inheritance Series by Pepper Winters. Her plots are so un-put-down-able, her characters are so fleshed out and real feeling, and her sex scenes are the absolute best.

She writes dark and twisted romances better than anyone, while also being one of the best New Adult writers out there. I can't recommend her stories enough! Trigger Warnings: attempted rape and graphic violence. The humour is subtle, the contrast of religious themes are not so, and that may have been the weakest of elements in the film. Sadly those who think there is a single element of disrespect towards religion from within the world of the film are I believe incorrect.

While religious digs may have been the impetus for the films creation, from within the film, Mark's character seems to make a clear delineation between an evil lie and a white lie. And his character never seems comfortable for too long with a lie that affects the lives of many. The film does have a one of the more sweet and quietly powerful scenes where Mark creates an alternate afterlife for his mother. Because I don't view this film through a filter of religious expectation I found this scene to be simply powerful and poignant.

I enjoyed it, as did my partner. We talked the whole way home, and recreated some of the laughs on the way to the car. That is not a lie. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Watch Now With Prime Video. A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain.

The Untold Truth Of The Man Who Wrote Lord Of The Rings

Directors: Ricky Gervais , Matthew Robinson.