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In , both Cuba and the Philippines achieved their independence from Spain and then immediately became targets of US expansionism.

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This book presents a comparative analysis of late-nineteenth-century literature and history in Francophone writers from North Africa and the Middle East often choose to write within a sacred context, sometimes engaging directly with Islamist rhetoric. In this volume, educational academics and practitioners across a range of cultural and political contexts examine the links between reconciliation and critical pedagogy, putting forward the notion that reconciliation projects Examines the impact of colonialism and postcolonial migration on the politics and identity of Euro-American imperial powers.

This book considers how outsiders are part of the construction of the native identity of the This groundbreaking study puts examples from World Englishes into dialogue with postcolonial studies, resulting in a postcolonial perspective on English today. Combining theoretical reflections and re-interpretations of Gramsci, this collection presents geo-cultural perspectives on the meaning of the subaltern, passive revolution, hegemony, the concept of national-popular culture, in Cosmopolitanism and Place considers the way contemporary Anglophone fiction connects global identities with the experience in local places.

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Looking at fiction set in metropolises, regional cities, and rural communities, this book Historiography, Empire and the Rule of Law considers the intersection of these terms in the historical development of what has come to be known as the rule of law. The book will be invaluable for all those engaged in research and In and , Wilson Harris published two short story collections that explored the myths, fables and fragments of history of the Amerindian peoples of Guyana and the Caribbean.

These are brought together in the current This book investigates how, as postcolonial studies revises its agenda to incorporate twenty-first century concerns, asylum has emerged as a key field of enquiry. Brazil under Construction tracks how Brazil's major public works projects and the fiction surrounding them mark a twofold construction of the nation: the functional construction of the country's public infrastructure and the This book links postcolonial theory with structuralism and poststructuralism to show how analysis of the textual illuminates the political and ideological positions of French Caribbean writers.

The individual contributions to this volume, capped by a useful critical introduction, provoke thought towards a more disciplinarily-open and affectively-engaged theory, one that is alert to the shifting transnational flows and Moving away from territorially-bound narratives toward a more kinetic conceptualization of identity, this book represents the first analysis of the politics of American identity within the fiction and memoirs of Isabel Allende Literary Materialisms addresses what has become a fundamental concern in the last decade: how do we today define literary studies as an academic discipline and literature as a relevant object of study?

Avoiding unproductive Focuses on a range of modern and contemporary writers - some at the heart of the canon, others more marginal - to explore the power and limitations of the diasporic imagination after the Second World War. This title illuminates An important collection which explores the complex interrelationships between race, gender, and sex as these are conceptualised within contemporary thought.

SEF Comhist2a, sef4, mx4, sef8a. Slight discoloring to endpages, pages slightly yellowing. Otherwise, very good condition in very good jacket. Original Softcover. Ix, pages.

The story of the Jews of Cochin, a tiny community on the Spice Coast of southwest India , spans at least two thousand years. Includes bibliography and index pages Nice, clean copy in Very Good Condition. SEF Sef6, comhist2, cds. In English. Stokes, H. Loewe, H. Loewe was born in London, the grandson of Louis Loewe. After completing his studies at Cambridge, he lived for a time as teacher in the Middle East and then held academic appointments in England. For a generation, he was regarded in English academic circles as the representative of Jewish scholarship, in the same way as Israel Abrahams had been regarded before him.

EJ, Roth Some water marks, in good condition. Bible brit1. Neuware - Gandhi's involvement in Middle Eastern politics is largely forgotten yet it goes to the heart of his teaching and ambition - to lead a united freedom movement against British colonial power. Gandhi became involved in the politics of the Middle East as a result of his concern over the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate following the First World War.

He subsequently - at the invitation of the Jewish Agency - sought to reconcile Jews and Arabs in a secret deal at the time of the Mandate of Palestine. However, Jewish and British interference coupled with the Arab Revolt and the rise of the Muslim League in India thwarted Gandhi's efforts in the region. Like so many who would follow, Gandhi was unable to solve the problems of the Middle East, but this book for the first time reveals his previously obscure attempt to do so.

Gandhi's experience in the Middle East was in marked contrast to his other successes around the world and is crucial for a full understanding of his life and teachings. Gandhi in the Middle East offers many new and revealing insights into the goals and limits of an international statesman at a critical period of imperial history.

Neuware - Writing Indians and Jews examines discursive practices surrounding the representation of Jews and Jewishness in Indian literature in English. These investigations make an important contribution to the study of contemporary South Asian and diasporic literature, and understandings of anti-Semitism, religious fundamentalism, and globalization. London [], Hurst.

Blue cloth, very good, dj. Castes: Hunters, traders, weavers, beggars, cultivators, potters, toddy drawers, artisans, labourers, nomads, carters, Jews , Khojas, Barbers, Syrian Christians.

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The legends of the Gods, Sakti, superstitions, magic, ceremonies and marriage. Original Cloth. First edition. Festschrift in memory of Walter J. Fischel, with articles on Jews of Cochin, Kurdistan, etc. Indians, " Noel Q.

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Subjects: Judaism - History. Rabbinical literature - History and criticism. Rabbinical literature.

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Fischel, Walter Joseph, Light shelf wear, otherwise clean and fresh. SEF xx Sef8, fest1. Original red cloth, gilt-lettered spine, blind panels to boards. Spine darkened, sides marked, surface-wear to corners, front inner hinge cracked at head, but holding, contents clean. A good copy. Half-tone photographic frontispiece, 14 similar plates, 5 further plates, 4 line-drawings to the text.

Marshall, an Indian Army officer, lived among the pastoral Toda people of the Nilgiri plateau while on furlough in British observers had wondered at their strange appearance and customs since the s, variously identifying them as descendants of Jews , Arabs, Scythians, Druids, Romans, or even Polynesians; Marshall himself concluded that they were of Turanian origin with "much of the blameless Ethiopian about them" p.

His study has been considered "a testament to the longevity of phrenology as an anthropometric science, but it received little credibility from its peers and Marshall was refused Government patronage for a second study" Sutton, Other Landscapes: Colonialism and the Predicament of Authority in the Nineteenth Century, p.

The attractive plates were produced using the Autotype reproduction process, a form of halftone printing developed by the Autotype Fine Art Company, founded in There was another edition in the same year, issued by the same publisher under the title Travels amongst the Todas, the priority unknown. Single sheet.

Date not stated, but broadside was with a issue of the Jewish Tribune the date and day match. Notice reads: "Public Meeting! A Public Meeting of the Jews of Bombay will be held on Tuesday April 4th at 5pm at the historic Kenesseth Eliahoo Synagogue, Forbes Street, Fort, for the purpose of expressing regret at the atrocities committed on the Jews in Germany and to express sympathy for their sad plight. Meyer Nissim M. Will take the chair. It is the city's second oldest Sephardic synagogue.

It was established in by Jacob Elias Sassoon, son of Eliyahoo David Sassoon and grandson of David Sassoon; the latter had immigrated from Baghdad to India in due to persecution and had settled in Mumbai, then known as Bombay. Paper is a bit wavy from damp. SEFC Sef9, holo Christianity came to India much before it went to the West. There are eight main religions practiced in India. While four of these are indigenous to the land, four of these came from the West. Interestingly, Judaism came to and flourished in Kerala, following the escape of the Jews to India after the conquest of Judea in B.

Be that as it may, many Keralites became Christians even before St. Peter reached Rome. Thus it will be seen that Kerala Christians have longer history than that of Christians of many of the European countries. In India, the spread of Christianity has been in three distinct phases. These three phases can be broadly classified as Apostolic, since St. Thomas the Apostle brought this into India ; Portuguese and the Colonial phases.

Jews in Cochin, India

The Syrian Malabar Nasranis are perhaps the first Christians in India and include the Jews of the Jewish diaspora, of the pre-Christian era, that was resident in Kerala. The community, comprise several ancient Aramaic Christian settlements in Kerala. These also accounted for Nestorians who were fleeing their native land due to persecution. On arrival of St. These new converts were called St. The Apostle, who attained martyrdom in 72 A.

With the arrival of the Portuguese in , large scale proseytisation of the population in the coastal regions took place. With this, missionaries spread Christianity to many parts and Christians took their rightful place in the pluralistic society of India. Printed Pages: Political serfdom, oppression and anguish suffered indefinitely had produced in them a typical racial character. They were notorious all over the world for excessive pride of blood and greed. Meek and submissive in distress, they were tyrannical and mean when they had the upper hand. Hypocrisy, deceit, treachery, selfishness, cruelty and usuriousness had become the normal traits of their nature.

My work was aimed at understanding and sharing the overlapping of Indianness and Jewishness in general, and Jewishness and Indian Muslimness in particular. To inquire, call editor Donald H. Harrison at or contact him via donald.

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